Oculus IP Architects

We have a simple mission:
to help you break free
from the shackles of conventional telephony
and to save your company money in the process.

Oculus IP have a wide spectrum of products, ranging from VoIP and PBX systems to computer based phone systems and communication solutions.

With Oculus IP Voice-Over-IP, you can significantly drop the cost of your call charges. Our phone systems and connection solutions utilise world class equipment and we follow best practice in service delivery when it comes to our clients and their telecommunication needs.

We have state of the art connectivity options including wireless which is ideal for both internal and external communication without having to connect to underground cabling systems.

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Oculus IP is the ideal partner in telecommunications and data service excellence.

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The sky is not the limit, it’s where we go to provide unshackled communications solutions.

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Setting you free from the shackles of conventional costly, proprietary PBX systems

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Network Operations Center

Monitoring infrastructure health, security and capacity to ensure optimal network performance and organizational productivity.